All your money in one dashboard

Track all the in-bound and out-bound transactions from all your bank accounts and mobile money accounts. Have control and approval process for all outbound transactions. Create budgets and track all your expenses based on projects, ledger, branches or currency and have real-time visibility on performance.

Gain Control of Your Money

Your finances, safe and secure

Our top priority is keeping your data secure. With multiple safety measures, like secure 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication, we protect your info like it's our own. We make it easy for you to thrive on your business.

We power your growth through these multiple seamless channels

We are available on the channels below


Android and iOS


Acess our platform on the web


Access your funds using USSD

Reports & analytics

Our reporting and analytics module offers high level, real-time access to critical business data so that you can make decisions based on accurate data. Our intuitive toolset provides a 360-degree view of the data, putting the most important metrics in one place. You can have visibility on your expense items in graphical presentation. Export your data to 3rd party systems

Accept Payments

Our secure payment system enables you to receive payments from multiple channels securely and instantly. Whether from bank transfer, mobile money wallets on premise or online, the payment will be completed instantly and securely.

Seamless billing and top-up solution

We provide a simple, straightforward, and convenient billing and payments experiences across all channels with our scalable, flexible, and secure billing solution. We offer the highest security with the best innovation and convenience for bill payments for electric, water/ sewer, gas, waste bill, payTV and telephone bills.


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